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We offer a wide range of velux blinds
Genuine Velux blinds for Velux windows
All types of Velux blinds from blackout blinds to energy blinds

ARW Blinds offer a wide range of genuine VELUX blinds for VELUX Roof Windows. As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, the exceptional quality of their products has made them one of the best known and most trusted brands in the construction industry. With over 25 year of VELUX product experience there is no better company to buy from.

• Our VELUX blinds come in any style and any colour.

• We order direct from VELUX and don’t store old wholesale blinds, only the latest styles.

• VELUX blinds come complete with aluminium side channels for maximum light reduction and smooth, easy blind operation, allowing the blind to be positioned at any point.

• Blinds come with full fitting instructions.

• Easy to fit, no special tools required.